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On the Divine Mama Dragon Herself

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

By Carol Lynn Pearson

Hi, dear Mama Dragons! Always so grateful for the good work you are doing, and so happy to be your friend in protecting and healing and celebrating our dear LGBTQ children.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that Great Mama Dragon in the Sky, the one that some call “Heavenly Mother,” or “The Female Face of God.” And even for those who have pretty much given up on any concept of “God,” just call Her “The Feminine Principle.”

I have just released a new book with the title: “Finding Mother God: Poems to Heal the World.” To be sure, our world needs healing. And to be sure, our world suffers from an excess of masculine energy. My dear husband Gerald was quite certain that nature or God created gay men to gentle the world, to temper the toxicity of what “manhood” had sometimes come to. Figuring all that out is way beyond my spiritual paygrade. But what I do know is this:

We need our Mother—as Half of God—or as Half of Source Energy. And viewing God as masculine as we have done for centuries has not helped us find a place for our children who don’t fit into gender norms. We have imagined a God who is paradoxically both loving and absolutely condemning of His homosexual children, even delivering a death sentence upon them in Leviticus 20:13.

Not that having a Functional Female in the Godhead would be like Her saying, “Oh, Honey, don’t be so smiteful! I don’t think they’re an abomination at all—I think they’re rather charming!”

The truth, I think—as close as I can get to it—is that God—Him/Her/Them—is absolute Love, lovingly drawing each of us closer and closer to godness. But it does not help that we continue to live in a Motherless House. It hurts. Deeply. So how might we benefit from having female representation in the Godhead? My new book of poems is filled with possibilities.

For one—in ancient times the original Goddess came to have many names, one of them being “Wisdom.” The scriptural “Wisdom literature” is filled with Her. Here is one of the poems in my new book that I so loved writing:


Mother God

I would be a godly mother.

Lady Wisdom

I would be wise.

I need the wisdom you gave to Solomon

when he gave the baby to the woman

who would keep him whole

rather than keep him hers.

My child is holy.

I would keep him whole

even when I am hurt.

Let me not diminish him.

Take my sword

take all my knives

the sharp tongue, the cutting glance.

Mother God, Lady Wisdom

you were there in the beginning

as Sophia, fashioner of all things

sharing Heaven’s Throne.

I would speak your words

I would build and not break.

Mother God, Lady Wisdom

make me wise.


Thanks, dear Mama Dragons, for walking the path with me. I cannot resist inviting you to learn more about this new book, which I think may be the most important work of my career, by visiting my website, (where you can also get a personalized copy of the book). Sending love and blessings to all, Carol Lynn.

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