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All Mamas Are Welcome

Creating a Diverse Space

Mama Dragons supports, educates, and empowers mothers of LGBTQ+ children. We see direct parallels between how we support and educate mothers and the impact of sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, ability, and religion on them, their LGBTQ children, and their communities. 

We are dedicated to building a space for all mothers parenting LGBTQ+ children. When we say everyone, we mean everyone. To do that well, we need to create an atmosphere for those with the greatest need for support. That’s why we’ve embraced an aggressive learning culture so we can better support, advocate, and celebrate our diversity. To help create this environment of inclusion and safety, diversity-related education posts will be shared within and outside the group, education on diversity will be provided for members and Mama Dragons’ leadership, and our Diversity & Intersectionality advisory committee will guide Mama Dragons’ Leadership.

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