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LIFT, therapist-led bi-monthly group therapy for parents of LGBTQ kids in crisis, is here!

The average wait time to access behavioral health services is about six weeks. When looking for an LGBTQ specialist in certain areas, wait times can stretch into months. LIFT provides a safe space for parents to express their emotions, increase their understanding of mental health issues related to their kids, and helps them and their children develop coping skills and self-care techniques while they wait for access to individual behavioral health services.

Each month will cover a specific topic relevant to parenting an LGBTQ child.

Our tentative list of topics include:

NOVEMBER: Eating Disorders

DECEMBER: Substance Abuse 

JANUARY: Self-Harm

FEBRUARY: Chronic or Acute Suicidal Ideation & Mental Health Hospitalizations

MARCH: Ongoing Depression and Anxiety

APRIL: Non-Affirming Family

MAY: Boundary Problems

JUNE: Bullying

JULY: Sexual Activity, Safety, or Promiscuity

AUGUST: Managing Conflict at Home

SEPTEMBER: Neurodiversity Impacting Mental Health

OCTOBER: Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional)


  • 75 minute sessions

  • Limited to 18 attendees

  • Led by licensed therapists

  • For parents of LGBTQ kids

We Need Your Support Today!

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