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Mama Dragons Card Program

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The above link will take you to our private Facebook group. Ask to join and get fully vetted to gain access to our programs! 

Paper Hugs is a volunteer program where Mama Dragons send cards to their fellow Mama Dragons and their LGBTQ children. This program arose from a need to support moms by sending love to their children when they are struggling or needing a boost. Paper Hugs helps support moms by being an additional voice of encouragement and love to each other’s children, as well as to other moms, and it empowers Mama Dragons to express their support of the LGBTQ community through the cards they send.


The Paper Hugs program has several categories of cards. The original program began with general cards of encouragement that are sent to Mama Dragons and their LGBTQ children. Additional categories were created based on need. These include: 

  • Stat Hugs was developed in response to Mama Dragons’ posts in the main Facebook group expressing struggles with their LGBTQ children’s suicidal ideation, attempts, and hospitalizations. 

  • Welcome Hugs was created to welcome new Mama Dragons to our organization, adding a personal touch to their experience as a new Mama Dragon. 

  • Birthday Hugs and Grad Hugs were created in response to the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine in March 2020. Mama Dragons were struggling while witnessing their kids not being able to have birthday celebrations with friends and extended family or traditional graduation ceremonies and celebrations. These themed Paper Hugs bring a bit of celebration in the mail. 

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