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An Affirming Home for Every LGBTQ Kid

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Research shows that having at least one affirming parent in the home is the most significant way to decrease LGBTQ youth suicide, depression, and homelessness (Katz-Wise, 2016). Currently 62% of LGBTQ youth do not have an affirming home. LGBTQ youth who felt highly supported by their family attempted suicide at 1/2 the rate.

Our primary goal is to expand the reach of our peer-led support groups to an additional 1,000 mothers and caregivers in need of LGBTQ education, particularly those within conservative faith communities and cultures. Mama Dragons will use the $20,000 to support the operations, expansion, and marketing efforts to provide services for another 1,000 mothers directly impacting another 2,000 LGBTQ kids. This funding will provide support for all 7 of our services to new mothers for one year.

 Fundraising goal $20,000

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Friendship Bracelets for the LGBTQ Community

The Embracelets program was started in July 2022 as a way for allies to connect with LGBTQ people and remind them they are loved. These hand-crafted friendship bracelets are handed out at Pride and Mental Health events as a simple gesture of connection and care. By donating you support makers in sending love to those seeking us out at events. In 2023, 21,000 Embracelets were shared with LGBTQ people. Help us cover operation costs and scholarships for makers and consider becoming a monthly donor!

Our goal is to maintain or exceed that number and give hope to more LGBTQ individuals annually.

Fundraising goal $3,000

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This project will build a Suicide Prevention course specifically for parents with LGBTQ children to help them understand how to navigate suicidal ideation and self-harm and how to seek support for their children. Mama Dragons will build the course and train 3,000 parents in advanced suicide prevention in the next two years. 

This curriculum will teach mothers and caregivers:

  • How to recognize suicide risk factors vs. teenage behavior

  • How to seek mental health support and build safety plans 

  • How to seek support with self-harm and other related mental health issues

  • How to navigate passive vs. active suicidal ideation and when it is acute

  • How to support long-term care

  • How to reduce parenting fatigue

Fundraising goal $40,000

Stop LGBTQ Suicide through Parent Education

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Therapist-led Support Groups for Parents of LGBTQ Children

Parents of LGBTQ children are their first line of defense. Supporting parents by providing therapist-led education can help parents understand how to best support their LGBTQ child's mental health needs. Mama Dragons will provide bi-monthly therapist-led virtual support groups for parents whose LGBTQ children are struggling with depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, and suicidal ideation. Each support group will have a topic and a one-pager of related information. This project will impact 500 mothers and their 700 LGBTQ children annually.

Fundraising goal $20,000

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Parachute -  Four Part Gender Courses

Mama Dragons is working on funding to build four eLearning gender identity micro courses that would be designed to be a gentle landing for parents who are seeking more comprehensive information and support on how to understand, accept, and affirm their child’s gender-diverse identity. 

We know that parents of gender-diverse children have many questions and concerns as they embark on their journey to become affirming parents. It is our intent to provide a place for parents to get answers to their questions, explore their emotions and fears, and arrive at a deeper understanding of the role they play in helping their gender-diverse children express themselves authentically. This project will impact 500 mothers and their 700 LGBTQ children annually.

Fundraising goal $85,000 


LGBTQ Education for Parents, Social Media Campaign

LGBTQ-affirming parenting is the most significant way to reduce LGBTQ youth suicide. Social media platforms offer a powerful means to impact LGBTQ education for parents. Social media provides a space for diverse voices within the LGBTQ community and allies to share personal stories, resources, and educational content. Mama Dragons will use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create a dedicated campaign that focuses on providing information and support for parents. These spaces can foster dialogue, answer questions, and dispel misconceptions, ultimately promoting understanding and acceptance. Additionally, social media allows for the dissemination of relevant articles, videos, and research studies, making it easier for parents to access accurate information and stay informed about LGBTQ issues and experiences. Producing Facebook and Instagram educational content impacts a wider net of parents new to the journey of parenting LGBTQ children. 

This project will impact 50,000 followers and up to 500,000 others annually. 

Fundraising goal $15,000 

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