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"Mom, I need to tell you something..."


Perhaps your son just came to you and told you that he is gay. Or maybe you are processing the news that your teenager has shared with you that they are non-binary and want you to use "they/them" pronouns. Whether this was something you expected, or news you were blindsided by, there is a lot to process as a mother of an LGBTQ child. So many questions. So much to learn. Where do you start? First - know this. Your child is brave to share their truth with you. Second, the fact that they came to you with their truth means they trust you with their safety and care, even though you may not know anything about being LGBTQ.  They are counting on you to continue to love them. 

Mama Dragons is a nonprofit organization that supports, educates, and empowers mothers of LGBTQ children. Since 2013, we have grown from just a dozen of moms gathering online for support, to an organization that now supports over 8,000 with multiple programs that provide safe places to learn and connect with other mothers who are traveling similar paths seeking to greater understand, affirm, and celebrate their LGBTQ child. These programs enable mothers to both give and receive support on their parenting journey. Browse through the variety of programs that we have to support you on your journey and click the button below to join Mama Dragons today!

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The above link will take you to our private Facebook group. Ask to join and get fully vetted to gain access to our programs! 

Joining Mama Dragons gives you access to the following programs that offer support and education
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online Support Groups

Mama Dragons offers online support groups for mothers of LGBTQ children. These private Facebook groups offer a safe place to navigate the new waters of parenting an LGBTQ child.

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Parachute provides information to help parents and caring adults learn how to support, affirm, and celebrate the LGBTQ kids in their lives. Courses are available to all, and free for Mama Dragons.

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Mama Dragons has trained QPR Suicide Prevention Instructors who offer free suicide prevention training to fellow Mama Dragons.

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This program gives Mama Dragons a chance to send cards of support and encouragement to their fellow Mama Dragons and LGBTQ children and to receive them as well.

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This program is for Mama Dragons who want to send homemade blankets, scarves, and hats to fellow Mama Dragons and their LGBTQ children to “wrap” them in their love.

Not a mother of an LGBTQ child?

While our online support groups and the majority of programs we offer are specifically geared toward supporting mothers of LGBTQ children, we invite you to participate in the Parachute e-learning platform - a gentle lift and a soft landing for parents and caring adults of an LGBTQ child. The e-courses available through Parachute are open to all parents. Mama Dragons also has a public-facing Facebook page that provides general information about LBGTQ parenting, education, information, and news about our nonprofit organization. Nearly 17,000 people like or follow this page. Anyone (moms, dads, allies of any kind) can like and follow Mama Dragons through this page.  

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“Mama Dragons made an immediate connection for me to other parents that had more experience and education that I needed to be able to support my kiddo safely and quickly.”

— Chrysteil, Washington

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