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ONLINE support groups

Mama Dragons was born out of a need to connect – mother to mother – on the new brave path of parenting a child who has come out as LGBTQ. The Mama Dragons private Facebook community has over 8,000 members, with 26 subgroups and regional groups to participate in and offer support through diverse intersections and geographical regions. This community is full of those who have experienced similar hopes, questions, and fears – mothers who have been where you are, and who will help you through learning the ins and outs of being the kind of mom and ally that your child needs.

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This Mama Dragons Main Group on Facebook is the primary support group for all mothers of LGBTQ children navigating this sometimes challenging journey within their family and community. This group strives to be a space free of judgment between members and one that creates a safe place for conversation and support for individuals regardless of cultural or religious backgrounds.

> regional subgroups

Mama Dragons offers 20 Facebook regional subgroups that cover various geographical areas to provide an opportunity for Mama Dragons to connect with members in their local area, share local LGBTQ-friendly resources, and empower one another to fight against local anti-LGBTQ legislation and support pro-LGBTQ actions.


This subgroup called Mama Dragons-trans "T-Mamas" offers specific support for the unique aspects of raising a transgender or gender-diverse child. The T-Mamas subgroup was created in response to the need for moms of transgender and non-binary children to have their own space to discuss specific transition-related information that really wasn’t relevant to the moms of LGB children in the main Mama Dragons Facebook group.

> madres dragones

This subgroup provides Spanish-speaking Mama Dragons with a safe place to discuss the unique intersectionality of raising children who are LGBTQ and Hispanic/Latinx within the context of their primary language. 

> MAMAS OF children with special needs SUBGROUP

This subgroup called Mamas with Children with Special Needs helps Mama Dragons face the unique intersectionality of raising LGBTQ children who also have special needs.

> religion subgroups

Mama Dragons offers three religion-themed support subgroups to provide a space for moms who need support as they navigate the intersection of religion and raising LGBTQ children. Two of these subgroups are for moms with current or former ties to the LDS church and one subgroup is for moms from other religious denominations. 

Privacy and Vetting

Mama Dragons takes the privacy of our members very seriously. That’s why participation in our Facebook support groups is available only to vetted members and by invitation from our group moderators and admins. These mamas also monitor group activity and act swiftly when a member feels uncomfortable or when conversations cease to be caring and supportive of all of our mamas. 

Not a mother of an LGBTQ child?

We invite you to participate in the Parachute e-learning platform - a gentle lift and a soft landing for parents and caring adults of an LGBTQ child. Mama Dragons also has a public-facing Facebook page and an Instagram account that provides general information about LBGTQ parenting, education, information, and news about our nonprofit organization. Nearly 28,000 people like or follow these pages. Anyone (moms, dads, allies of any kind) can like and follow Mama Dragons on these accounts.