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Mama Dragons Blanket Program

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The above link will take you to our private Facebook group. Ask to join and get fully vetted to gain access to our programs! 

Wrapped in Hugs is a program created by Mama Dragons to support moms and their children with the physical warmth and “hug” of a blanket. The program was created in January 2020 when a Mama Dragon who enjoys quilting felt that creating a community with other quilting Mama Dragons would help create a support network for each other and the recipients. The plan was for them to each make their own squares and meet in person to sew them together and then gift them to an LGBTQ child in need. 


Once the pandemic and quarantine hit in March 2020, that plan was put on hold and the group evolved to include any Mama Dragon who could crochet, quilt, or sew blankets to create a custom, homemade blanket for nominated LGBTQ children, prioritizing those who were in crisis. As the pandemic lingered, this program gave Mama Dragons, quarantined at home, a way to serve and support each other by sharing their talents and love with LGBTQ children.


In the Fall of 2020, the program was expanded to include homemade scarves and hats that were donated to nominated Mama Dragons and their LGBTQ children, offering Mama Dragons who have limited time the opportunity to be a part of this creative community. As of July 2021, over 300 blankets have been donated to Mama Dragons and their LGBTQ children. 

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