A New Year with Mama Dragons

2018 will be a good year for the Mama Dragons.

Our numbers continue to grow as more and more moms of LGBTQIA kids are looking for support. We have many goals, and our ultimate goal is to be as visible as possible so that those who need us can find us. As of the date of this writing, we have almost 1600 members.

Each year as terms expires, we lose and replace a few members of our Board of Directors. We are excited to welcome six new members to the Board this year, including our President-Elect Wendy VonSosen. Wendy will serve as the Mama Dragon President in 2019.

In 2017 we established 17 Regional Subgroups. These groups allow Mama Dragons to be able to connect on a more individual basis. We continue to add Regional Groups as they are needed. Many of our members do not live in an area where there are other Mamas close enough to meet with personally; this can be a lonely existence, especially if friends, family and community are not supportive. Because it is so important for us to share our stories and feel personal support, we are going to be scheduling online meetings so that our members can see the faces and hear the voices of Mamas around the world.

Our Spanish group, Madres Dragones, continues to grow and provide support to Mamas in Latin America. The children of these Mamas are at an even higher risk as they navigate their lives as a member of the queer community in societies where just being queer can cost them their life. Our Spanish-speaking Mamas are passionately and tirelessly working to provide experiences and knowledge that can empower one another to protect their children under the most difficult of circumstances. 

It is our goal to provide even more educational opportunities. We understand that an educated and informed parent is a powerful one. As we continue in our mission to support and educate Moms of LGBTQIA children around the world, we search for opportunities to do so. We invite opportunities to learn and grow and do things better.

We will be providing more content on our public Facebook page, Mama Dragon website, and social media platforms. We want to reach every mom who needs us. Our individual members continue to work hard in their communities by reaching out to those who need support.

Connecting with parents, and especially mothers, in the early stages of a child coming out (or even before), is key to helping the child do so in a safe and healthy way. It is clear that family acceptance and support is a key factor in the avoidance of self-loathing, self-harm, drug use and especially suicidal ideation. We know that our group can provide the support that just might make the difference. Even if a mom isn’t ready to join our group, our Mama Dragons can help a friend handle the situation better by sharing their experiences and referring them to our public resources.

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