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GIVING TUESDAY         NOV 30, 2021



is the #1 way to save
transgender lives

Your donation goes to life-saving education from Mama Dragons


An estimated 1.3 million transgender and non-binary youth
face an increased risk of suicide, self-harm, and homelessness. 

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*Statistics from The Trevor Project 

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Parent acceptance is key to reduce these risks!

Your donation will help provide families of transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse kids with access to the life-saving education that will build more affirming homes and communities.

We are developing a new gender identity e-learning course for parents!

  • This course will dive into important and relevant topics that new parents frequently have questions about in a gentle and compassionate tone that supports growth.

  • Video content and stories from parents who share their journey to affirming their child will accompany and reinforce each learning topic and facilitate connection.

  • Topics will offer current, research-based information, co-authored by leading professionals in the field of transgender health and family acceptance. 


Your donation will go towards life-saving education and help Mama Dragons continue our mission to support, educate, and empower mothers of LGBTQ kids.

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